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Letter to Bono: We Are One!!!

Esteemed Bono,

My name is Leandro Gornicki Nunes. I’m a lawyer and professor of Criminal Law in Brazil. I live in Joinville, State of Santa Catarina. Since the beginning of my adolescence I am fan of the U2 because of the precious work of awareness and fight for Human Rights that it spreads out in the world.

In our country, in contrast of what many think, the democracy possesses great problems. Really, we do not have wars declared, religious disputes or dictatorships, since 1985. But, the social inequalities are greats, having many people in situation of extreme poverty.

To contain the miserable masses, our agents politicians are using the system of criminal justice as main tool of social control. In 20 (twenty) years (1990-2010), the jail population of the country grew 450% (four hundred and fifty percent). This is an unacceptable capture of the misery. The main ones reached are the young poor persons who inhabit the great urban centers, places where concrete actions for insertion of these young in a life with citizenship are not made.

Ahead of this situation, I appeal to your social conscience and to your world-wide prestige for, for intermediary of your voice, we declare our repudiation to this type of criminal politics that confronts the democratic ideals and the Human Rights.

Our youth needs support and the power of your voice is capable to assist millions of young that are oppressed by the neoliberal globalization.

I make this for believing that “We are One”!

Cordials greetings,

From Joinville/SC - Brazil

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